Outpatient Clinic

Outpatient Clinic  

(217) 784-2240



The Gibson Area Hospital (GAH)  Outpatient Clinic provides patients the convenience of meeting with specialists from Bloomington, Normal, Champaign and Urbana right here in Gibson City.  The outpatient clinic currently offers the following specialties: Urology, OB/GYN, Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Ear/Nose/Throat (ENT), Podiatry, Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine, and Oncology. Many of the procedures and tests ordered by the specialists can also be performed at GAH. Most appointments may be made through GAH Central Scheduling at 217-784-2240.

In addition to the accessibility of specialists, the outpatient clinic provides nursing procedures such as chemotherapy, and IV infusions. Local physicians and hospital staff utilize the outpatient clinic for consultations, patient education and other procedures.


Listed below is the current schedule for Physicians that hold clinic hours in the GAHHS Outpatient Clinc.  To make an appointment with one of these providers call the GAH Outpatient Clinic.




                Dr. Samir Shah, MD

                Dr. Robert Braastad, MD

                                Illinois Heart & Lung Associates

                                1302 Franklin Ave Suite 4500

                                Normal, IL  61761


                                Clinic days: Wednesday mornings


                Dr. Prakash Thopiah, MD

                                401 E University Ave Suite 101

                                Champaign, IL  61820


                                Clinic days: Monday & Wednesday

                                Call 217-784-2273 to schedule



                Dr. Ashok Jagasi

                                Christie Clinic

                                Clinic days: 1st and 3rd Wednesday mornings


                Dr. William Youngerman, MD*

                                Christie Clinic

                                101 W University Ave

                                Champaign, IL  61820

                                217 – 366 – 1243

                                Clinic days: 2nd & 4th wednesday mornings




                Dr. Lawrence Gratkins, MD*

                                Obstetrics & Gynecology II, Ltd.

                                1300 Franklin Ave. Suite #270
                                Normal, IL 61761

                               *Call office to schedule appt at GAH

                                Clinic Days: Friday Mornings



                Dr. Patricia Johnson, MD*


                                602 W University Ave

                                Urbana, IL  61801


                                Clinic days: Friday


                Dr. Pramern Sriratana, MD

                                 Mid Illinois Hematology & Oncology

                                 407 E Vernon Ave

                                 Normal, IL  61761


                                 Clinic days:  Thursday afternoons


                 Dr. Anas Alzoobi, MD

                                 Gibson OPC Clinic

                                 1120 N Melvin St., Gibson City, 60936


                                 Clinic Days: Monday & Tuesday Mornings


                 Dr. James Derk, DPM

                           Paxton Clinic

                                227 N Market St. Paxton, Il 60957


                                Clinic Day: Wednesday

                            Gibson OPC Clinic

                                1120 N Melvin St. Gibson City, Il  60936


                                Clinic Days:  Tuesday

                            Onarga Clinic

                                912 W Seminary Ave., Onarga, IL 60955


                                Clinic Days:  Wednesday 4pm-6pm


                 Dr. Joseph Setter, DPM

                                 Midstate Podiatry Associates

                                2708 McGraw Dr

                                Bloomington, IL  61701

                                **Call office to schedule appt at GAH**

                                309 – 663 – 2306

                                Clinic days:  Wednesday afternoons & Thursdays



                 Dr. Alan Ginzburg, MD               

                                 Illinois Heart & Lung Associates

                                1302 Franklin Ave., Suite 4500

                                Normal, IL  61761


                                Clinic days: Tuesday afternoons varies


                 Dr. Saurin Patel, MD

                               GAH Outpatient Clinic

                                1120 N. Melvin St

                               Gibson City, Il 60936


                               Clinic days: 2nd & 4th Mondays



               Dr. Mohammed Razvi, MD

                           Onarga Clinic

                                912 W. Seminary

                                Onarga, Il 60955


                                Clinic Days: Tuesdays Mornings Varies

                           GAH OPC Clinic

                                1120 N Melvin St  Gibson City, Il 60936


                                 Clinic days: Wednesday afternoons

                           Paxton Clinic                         

                                227 N Market St Paxton, Il 60957


                                Clinic Days: Tuesdays Mornings Varies




                Dr. Jennifer Ash, MD

                                101 W. University Ave.

                                Champaign, IL 61820

                                **Call office to schedule appt at GAH**


                                Clinic Days: 1st Monday of the month



*Physicians NOT covered under the GAHHS financial assistance program.



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