Team Elite

Elite Performance is excited to bring the team aspect to our personal training sessions!  Team Elite is the perfect way for you to focus on your individual goals but also be able to work out with your friends and family.  As both a group and individual challenge, Team Elite is designed to help individuals reach their personal goals and enjoy a team aspect at the same time. Athletes within a team will have the option to set their own workout schedule for the week, giving them the opportunity to work towards their personal goals with safe and individually tailored workouts.  Then, on one common day, each athlete will meet with their team to perform whatever challenge the trainer has created for them that week.  Team competitions will range from teammates vs. teammates to Team A vs. Team B and is a great way to hold yourself accountable to working out.  Call or stop in and visit us to find out more about working out in an atmosphere that is not only fun and team oriented but also tailored to your personal goals!

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