Administrative Staff

Matthew Ertel

Chief Financial Officer


Born at Gibson Area Hospital (GAH) and raised in Gibson City, Matthew Ertel considered himself a “frequent flyer” at Gibson Area Hospital.  Undergoing multiple operations on his hands and feet during his childhood gave him an early appreciation for GAH and its staff.

“I was blessed to be taken care of by great nurses and doctors at GAH,” said Matthew.  “Even though I don’t have to have surgeries anymore, the importance of healthcare and the impact that nurses and doctors can have on people has not left me.”

Matthew’s experiences growing up drove him to combine his passion for healthcare and business.  This goal led him to Indiana University, where he graduated in 2012 with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, complemented by a minor in Psychology.  He then started his career with GAH in the Central Business Office (CBO).

“I truly enjoyed my time at the CBO,” said Mathew. “I gained a lot of knowledge and insight about the hospital’s revenue cycle and other financial aspects, which will greatly benefit me in my new role as CFO.”

GAH has had a great influence on Matthew’s life, and he is grateful to be able to give back to the hospital and help shape its present and future.  Matthew says that as CFO he is most excited to work with administration, all of the hospital departments, and the various organizations and people who help make GAH better every day.

Currently, Matthew plans on expanding his skill set by obtaining his CPA followed by his Master’s in Healthcare Administration.  Matthew is an avid sports fan, naming the Chicago Cubs, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Indiana Hoosiers as his top three favorite teams. His other hobbies include going to concerts, walking, and following the stock market.  

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