Anas Alzoobi, MD

1120 N. Melvin St. Gibson City IL 60936



Dr. Alzoobi brings with him two opposing specialties, Anesthesia and Pain Management. Whereas Anesthesia allows Dr. Alzoobi to see the immediate result from his work, he is excited to help people with their pain management on a one-on-one level.

“I truly enjoy my work in pain management,” said Dr. Alzoobi. “It gives me the ability to communicate with people on a personal level and I am able to work with them.”

Dr. Alzoobi treats the full spectrum of pain management cases from simple to complex cases of chronic pain diseases.  He uses the multiple modalities approach of medical, interventional and surgical methods with the application of adjuvants treatments such as physical therapy, psychology and alternative medicine. Dr. Alzoobi is excited about his new career path serving the GAH Community in both pain management and anesthesia. 

Dr. Alzoobi is a family man, with two boys and a girl.  In his free time he enjoys swimming, traveling with his family and meeting new people wherever they go.

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