Sports Medicine


Patients in our sports medicine program, here at GAH, come from various sporting and athletic backgrounds.  We treat the traditional athletes who have a direct team affiliation with either a school, club, or organization. We also treat the weekend athletes who may play recreational sports or enjoy being active by exercising or working out.  Our goal in the sports medicine program is to return the patient to pre-injury activity levels through rehabilitation and sport specific training.  A primary care provider's prescription is needed for rehabilitation services.  Call or visit us to set up an appointment.


Sports Enhancement Programs

We offer a variety of sport enhancement packages at GAH Sports Medicine. Our programs are designed to work with each individual and establish personalized goals based on the initial athletic assessment. We employ Athletic Trainers and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, as well as Youth Fitness Specialist who use their expertise and experience to design programs specific to your needs.   Programs include but are not limited to speed and agility training, flexibility, energy system development, muscular strength, local muscular endurance,  and jumping ability. 


After completing all Sports Enhancement session, each athlete will be reassessed and will recieve pre-and post-test results.  We have pricing for one-on-one training, partner training, and group training as well as discount and reward packages.  We are available to do speed and strength clinics at local schools is desired.  Sport enhancement programs are cash based and require no prescription to start.  Payroll deduction is available for GAH employees. Call or stop in to schedule.



Our certified and licensed athletic trainers provide sports medicine services to area schools to include GCMS, PBL, and Blue Ridge school districts. The athletic trainers are contracted to the schools to cover sporting events, staff daily injury clinics, and work with the school's coaches and administration to provide a complete spectrum of sports medicine to the school based on their specific needs. GAH also offers sports physicals and sports medicine coach clinics for contracted schools on an annual basis.

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